The County Fair

 Weekly Scribblings #87

"...write about one (or more) things you might find at a fair..." 


Sticky cotton candy,

corn dogs on a stick.

Caramel apples, pink popcorn,

ice cream cones to lick.


Watch the piggies racing.

Root for number nine.

His reward’s a cookie,

the ribbon will be mine.


A livestock barn with horses,

goats, and woolly lambs.

Another one with pastries,

cakes and pies and jams.


Win a goldfish in a bowl,

but only do that last.

Carry it throughout the day

you’ll find your fishy’s passed.


The Ferris wheel up so high

stops to give a view.

My tummy isn’t feeling well,

I think my day is through. 


©2021 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserved


Fortunately, the fair stopped giving out live fish, and would instead award coupons good for one free goldfish from a local pet store. 



  1. A day's full of fun at the fair, in the good ole days did have its crammed tummy rewards ☺


    1. I never liked the rides, as a child, or adult. The county fairs still have the traditional food, and since it's always hot I like they added in shaved ices!

  2. LOL, fun to read and really recreated the atmosphere.

    1. Rides were never my thing, I lived for the livestock barns to pet the animals! I even loved the smell!

  3. What a wonderful romp through the fairgrounds. I do mourn, however, for the poor fishy!

    1. Yeah. First you won the fish and bowl. Then they put a fish in a baggie. Last time I saw it was the coupons. We always "spoiled" our free goldfish, they ended up living in a 30 gallon tank, then a pond. I don't think most people realize how big they get.

  4. Oh my! You touched on every grand memory of my Minnesota State Fair visits ~~ 24 years of them.

    1. I never went to the state fair. Not close enough to make it a day trip and my parents wouldn't have wanted to do it for a weekend and pay to stay overnight! My oldest loved the pig races, and pigs in the barn. That's how we learned they race for cookies, actually the ones shown raced for vanilla wafers! The winner got it, the losers didn't, so they really wanted to win!

  5. You took us to the fair in fine style, and rhymed it all the way! Bravo

    1. All the things the fairs I knew/know have!

  6. I remember when my kids were little and about a half a day is all they could last before they were done in and ready to go home. They slept so well in the car!

    1. Oh, yeah, fairs are tiring! And ours were always in the worst of the summer heat.


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