Banned Books Week - Two

 The last week in September is Banned Books Week, which this year is Sept. 26 - Oct. 2.  

My library is celebrating (if you can celebrate a banning, perhaps they mean overcoming bans and challenges) all September.  One of the activities is Banned Books Bingo.  

The corner square in the row I'm working on is "Create a blackout poem from a banned book."  I got a late start since the libraries are closed to in-person browsing, and there was no bingo card available online to print out.  I had to wait until there were some left on a table outside my usual branch.  So... late start and no time to order titles, I went with choices on my home shelves.  After several attempts with Alice in Wonderland and Harry Potter, I went with Winnie the Pooh, by A. A. Milne.  Yes, Winnie the Pooh has not been spared the challenges and bans!  Talking animals (an affront to the Christian god) and a pig (offensive to Jews and Muslims), not to mention that Pooh wears no pants (why he is singled out I don't know, there are other pant-less characters, and, shockingly, totally nude animals!).  Just hold on a minute...  I understand the dietary restrictions  to pork, but no one eats Piglet!  

So, in honor of Banned Books Week, here are two erasure poems from chapters III and VI of Winnie the Pooh.  


The Donkey walked.

The Stream splashed.

Like a riddle,

the Stone

said nothing at all.




two larch trees

going round and round

passing time 







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