Morning Joe

 Tanka Tuesday #241


I never used to understand the American obsession with coffee.  I don’t mean the simple cup o’ Joe, black or creamed and sugared, steaming straight from the percolator into a mug.  No, I refer to the frapped, latted, extra shots of this and oat milk that; the $7 concoctions that may have begun life as “coffee” but are now far, far removed from their humble beany roots.   Then I had my eyes opened to a wider world, and now, as I fall asleep, I find myself looking forward to morning, dreaming of, as Starbucks calls it, “That first sip feeling.”  I call it the first sip of bliss.

Caramel frappe

Drizzle sweet sticky topping

Glorified milkshake

Caffeine and calorie traps

Tell yourself, It’s just coffee


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