I'll Be Watching You

 Simply 6 Minutes 

Photo Prompt

http://Real Funny Pictures: Amazing Optical Illusion Pictures realfunnypictures.blogspot.com

103 words, mostly unedited, I kept the timer running to change a couple of things.


Do you feel someone watching?

Someone walk across your grave?

Do you ever shudder slightly?

And your neck hair stand on end?

Don’t turn around too quickly.

Don’t turn around too slow.

Don’t look for me too closely,

For I won’t be there at all.

I’ll be in the corner of your eye, just out of sight.

Don’t look into the distance,

I’m never far away.

Am I your guardian angel,

Sent to keep you safe?

Or could I be…

death stalking?

Could the wind be laughing?

Or is that me?

Don’t turn your back

But then again,

Which way would turning be?  


©2021 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserved

This was a fun photo prompt!  I may work more on it.  Until I saw 

the photo credit mentioning optical illusions I didn't see the illusion! 

 It wasn't until I minimized the photo I could see what it was.  And

 I'm still not totally sure there isn't a hidden cob of corn in the tree 

trunk!  Perhaps there are lots of hidden items, like in the Highlights 

magazine I used to read in the doctor's office as a child.




  1. Lisa, this turned out really good. Six minutes!!!
    I might like to try this if it's still running when I get all my 'behind stuff' done.
    That could be an ear of corn but I see easily a whole fish sliced in half, like an opened-to-pull-out-the-spine sardine. And there is some big capital lettered writing on the paper beneq

    1. Sometimes six minutes goes really fast, this time it lasted almost too long! Yes, do try it, if not this week, in the future.

  2. Lisa, this is fantastic! Thank you for participating and writing such a great poem.

    1. Thank you for the wonderful image to prompt me!


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