Kitty Gets a Shot

 The Sunday Muse #170

Photo Prompt

author and Kitty c.1959

Don’t cry Kitty

It will only hurt a minute

Maybe less

I’m no good at telling time

You need your shot

If everybody gets a shot

We can have a real tea party

And not invite Teddy

Who drinks too much and

Crawls under the table

Like Uncle Chris

 ©2021 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserved

Teddy drank himself under the table once again!

author's 2nd birthday



  1. Thanks for the laugh. Teddy needs to straighten up!

  2. LOL! I like Teddy and Uncle Chris!

    1. More acceptable for Teddy. I needed to look for a specific photo a few days ago and when I saw the prompt was reminded of the ones I saw with Kitty.

  3. This is hysterical ... and quite brilliant!

  4. Hurrah for jabs of all kinds, and nurses who deliver them! Hope Uncle Chris came out from under the table to get his. LOL

    1. I agree, "Hurrah for jabs!" I picture Uncle Chris gripping about getting his, but then bragging to his buddies!

  5. This is wonderful!! I enjoyed every minute of it Lisa!!


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