Clear as Mud

 Tanka Tuesday #234


 prompt words: green and morass (synonyms only)

A brief explanation.  In Clear as Mud my use of "eco-friendly is clearly the synonym for "green."  Where, you may wonder, is the synonym for "morass?"  The entire poem is a synonym for morass!  The debate over paper vs plastic is a morass, a muddle, a confusion, an overwhelming tangle.  Taking sides causes disarray. Paper or plastic?  The issue is a real morass! 

paper or plastic

an eco-friendly debate

hot tempers take sides

ecological damage

no matter one which you choose

©2021 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserved


  1. I choose paper. Definitely ecofriendly

    Happy Wednesday. Thanks for dropping by to read mine


    1. My state was set to ban single use plastic at grocery stores until the pandemic, but put that law on hold. Each has its pros and cons. Single use is certainly bad in the US, where people just let them fly wherever they will.

  2. Oh, this is brilliant, Lisa. The single-use bags would work if they were bio-degradeable. If only... there is so much plastic clogging up our oceans. I think you did a wonderful job of conveying the theme of chaos. <3

    1. Thank you. I think there is some kind that does, but it doesn't really, it just breaks down into tiny pieces. In fact, I think there is a kind of doggy poop bags like that, but I wouldn't want them, who knows how quickly they fall apart! :)


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