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Friday Writings #126 

"So the optional prompt for this week is to write a poem – or, if you prefer, a very short piece of prose – as a textu of exactly 160 characters including title and spaces."  The standard limit for SMS (Short Message Service) is 160 characters.)  Textu is a form invented by Fady Joudah. 

More difficult than it sounds!   Counting words is simple.  It's not so simple when every space and punctuation mark is counted too! 

This is not a reflection on my dislike of the prompt.  I like the prompt.   It's just what came to mind. 

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To place restrictions

on our words

in verse,

or voice,

is to allow no freedom

of the tongue,


wings to spread, 

take flight,

and soar

beyond our

temporal woes.


©2024 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserved


  1. I agree, though with this poem you've whittled down your truth to its beautiful essence.

  2. I agree, you have used the words so well. Great work.

  3. How wonderfully clever of you to compose a brilliant 'counter-attack.' Love it.


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