If Walls Could Talk

Prompt words in red.

If this wall could talk,

would it tell sorrowful tales,

true or tall,

of how we would secluded meet?

Of you plaiting flowers in my hair,

as we lay on a carpet of moss,

autumn leaves swirling

‘round and ‘round,

to finally settle on our naked bodies?

Would it tell of the hurt

it must know we felt

when love turned to dislike,

and we no more came to

climb to this hidden corner of Eden?

Or would it keep its own counsel,

remaining silent, solid,

stolid as a wall?


©2021 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserved


  1. Those womderful teenage years when we came out and grew up doing all the things we yearned of years before. What a delightful poem this is.

    1. Now, why are you assuming these were teens! :)

  2. yes, i wonder what tales this wall could tell if it can talk. sorrowful tales, hilarious ones, tales of battles, of love, of the changing seasons and times.
    a great response to the prompt! :)


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