Writer's Workshop Prompts for May 23, 2024 - A Few of My Favorite Things

 Writers' Workshop 

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Here are the prompts for this week’s Writer’s Workshop:

     1. Write a post based on the word abundant.

     2. Write a post in exactly 9 sentences.

     3. If you could take a one-month trip anywhere in the world and money were not a consideration, where would you go and what would you do?

     4. Did you ever get in trouble from someone other than your parents? Tell us about it.

     5. What are your plans for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend?

     6. List your five most recent favorite things.

I chose #2 and #6. 

unsigned landscape in author's collection

I’ll make a list of my five most recent favorite things.

And I’ll do it in 9 sentences, as well as nine lines.

Fortunately, I went to many yard sales this past Saturday.

So, here are my most recent favorite things, in no particular order, other than number 1, which is number 1.

1. The landscape painting, show above, is, alas, not signed.

2. An adorable 1950s knee-hugger elf is a Christmas tree ornament.

3. A cat ornament, from the same time period, has blue jeweled eyes.

4. I don’t know where I’ll put the large studio pottery pig bowl I fell in love with!

4. The sellers' family heirloom antique handmade fiddle was irresistible for $1! 

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  1. Did the fiddle come with a bow? It also looks like it has only three tuning pegs, but it should be pretty easy to find someone who can create a new one, if in fact you're ever in the mood to try and play it, which I definitely would be tempted to do. Sounds like a successful trip!

  2. I absolutely love that landscape painting, definitely a keeper. And the fiddle? Great find!


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