Thanksgiving All Year Long

The turkey’s in the freezer

It won’t be cooked today

These holidays are different

People stay away


People stay away

Wear masks when going out

It’s hard to hear them talking

Sometimes we need to shout

 Sometimes we need to shout

And empty out our rage

At those who simple won’t do right

The virus is their wage


The virus is their wage

Of thinking they’re immune

or follow bad examples

of those leaving us fair soon


Of those leaving us fair soon

We bid no fond farewell

Our country suffered at his hand

For some a living hell


The turkey’s in the freezer

But it won’t be in there long

Watch ourselves this winter


Thanksgiving’s all year long!


 ©2020 Lisa Smith Nelson. All Rights Reserved



(I played a little "Turkey Tetris" to fit it into my freezer!)


  1. Nice telling of the times and nice conclusion. Nothing is the same but some things never change.

    1. True. We may appreciate things more next year!


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