Blogging from A-Z April Challenge Reflections - or, how'd it go?

Now that I've successfully completed the A - Z Blog Challenge (, posting each day (except Sundays) in April, it's time for a Reflections post.  Time to sit back and think about how it went, what was good, what could have gone better, and what blogs I enjoyed visiting.

One, I wanted to do something quite different from last year (A-Z of Gardening), as well as something more of a stretch (beyond my regular garden blogging).  I accomplished both by starting a new blog for original poetry, just for the challenge!  I posted twice before the challenge to set the stage, as it were.  I wouldn't have created a poetry blog without the challenge, and wouldn't have written 26 new poems!  I enjoy writing poetry, but seldom for sharing (other than high school and college courses), so this was a bit scary. 
Two, I regularly read more blog posts than I normally would have.  I had my favorites I'd check regularly each morning.   Several were blogs I'd read last year during the A-Z Challenge.  Will I continue to read my regulars throughout the rest of the year?  Not in most cases.  For the Challenge many of the bloggers I read diverged from their "usual" topics, and the Challenge themes were what I enjoyed reading.  Once the Challenge ended they reverted to their usual posts.  I did not check in on all the participants, there were too many for my allotted "Blog Challenge" time!  I didn't visit blogs that were obviously off my topic interest.

Just who were my "regulars?" 
  • - my second April reading this blog, and one of the only ones I receive email updates on.  Hard to define the Challenge theme, but the blogger is an amazingly talented artist.
What interested me in reading a blog on a continual basis? 
* Interesting subject matter.  That could be folktales, unusual words, poems based on personalized license plates (very unique!), or craft projects
* Common interests.  Guinea pigs, mental health
* Just plain interesting writing made several worth my daily visits
* Continuing participation from A all the way through Z!  

The Negatives:
I had far fewer views than expected.  Far fewer comments than hoped for.   I would have thought the Challenge would be the way to spread the word of a brand new blog, but it fell far short of what I'd hoped for.  I averaged less than two comments per post!  I am not alone in this, the fewer comments and views,  I have read some other Reflections posts sharing the same concerns. 

To sum it up, after last year's Challenge I didn't think I'd participate again.  But, as the Challenge sign-up grew near, I changed my mind and joined in.  I will continue to post new poems, not daily by any means, but I'll try for once a week (I just have to put my mind to it, and make it a commitment to myself!).  Next year?  As my late mother used to say, "Never say never," so I'll leave that decision open until sign-up time 2020!

Thanks for the fun, hosts!
Thanks to all who participated (especially those bloggers I read!).
Thanks for those to visited this blog during the Challenge.  Hopefully you'll drop by once in a while to see any new content.


  1. Howdy
    First, congratulations on getting to the finish line. 26 poems in a month sounds like the start of a collection!

    I also had the drop in comments as the month wore on. It's a frustrating part of this. I know I got overwhelmed with my serialized story by the third week and my blog hopping got chopped to pieces. Something I hope to rectify over this next month.

    Never say never is the right thing to do with creating. Good luck.

    Tale Spinning

    1. Thanks for stopping by.

      My mother learned to "never say never" when she said with conviction she would never live in a particular town. Ended up not just living there, but had her first child there! I say "I hope I never have to" about things (like eating squirrel!).

      Did you know your profile has a link to a former website? No link to Tale Spinning. It's something with a domain name up for sale. Expensive name!

  2. Sorry I didn't comment more frequently. Sometimes I'm at a loss for what to say after reading a poem. Nevertheless, I enjoyed your posts and I hope you had a good time, and I hope to see you back next year!

    1. Oh, you were one of the regular commenters! You had enough on your plate without visiting every blog to comment every day!
      I did have a good time, and that's what counts more than views!
      Thanks for that true and honest comment about not knowing what to say. Sometimes it seems I find myself at a loss for words and a "that's an interesting thought" sounds like I couldn't think of anything nice to say!

  3. I received a lot less comments than I expected too and ironically, this is the first year I've managed to visit every blog on the sign up list so I expected more comments than usual. It's great that the challenge inspired you to start a whole new blog


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